Sunday, 4 March 2012

Cougar Pride!

I admit it: I consider myself a cougar! A cougar in a cage, maybe. A semi-domesticated cougar. But when you're a woman in her mid-40s, and the two generations of women older than you in your family are both still pretty active and vibrant at 73 and 96, you have to be realistic.

My grandmother is 96 years old. She lives in an assisted living residence now, but she lived alone until she was ninety! She still goes dancing once a week with her 'friend', John. John is quite a catch in their circle; since he's considerably younger than my grandma, he can still drive! She NEVER misses a dance, because someone else might catch John's eye and then what would Grandma do? She's always been that way: had to have the attention of every man in the room on her all the time. I think she probably saw herself as a femme fatale. Of course, she liked a drink or twelve, too...At any rate, my dad learned early into my parents' marriage, FIFTY YEARS AGO, that he should always turn his head away quickly at the last minute if my grandma swooped in for a kiss, lest it be borderline icky. (The Mr. learned that too late, lo these many years gone by...still bears the emotional scars, poor lamb.)

My mother is 73 years old, but you'd never guess it by her energy or activity level. When my mother commits herself to doing something, she by God DOES it. Her garden is amazing. It looks like someone should be taking admission at the bottom of the driveway and directing traffic on the lawn. She used to do Tai Chi 5 days a week for several hours each day, and was the secretary treasurer too, but that got to be too stressful. Then she found out that the rigourous dairy-free lifestyle she's adhered to for years had resulted in osteoporosis in her back and hips. So now she's taken up weight-training to help rebuild her bone mass. Still does Tai Chi and walks daily too. And gardens. And, my hand to God, last year she learned to play the marimbas. I can't make that stuff up! Maudie was never really a cougar, because as I mentioned, she's been married to my dad since the year KENNEDY was elected (my parents got married a month later, incidentally, though I'm positive the two events were unrelated. However, much like a cougar, she goes out and scouts for new dens, decorates the dens, relocates everything into said new den from its labeled box from the prior den. The male lounges around the den dozing and watching golf, only venturing forth to play golf, eat, use the bathroom or sleep. At least, I fervently hope that at 76, that's all he comes out of his den to do!

The Mr. and I recently became quite interested in collectible silver coins. When we saw the Canada Cougar, the Mr. conceptualised it as a jewelry piece. Accordingly, I designed this choker using a Royal Canadian Mint $5 Canadian Coin. The coin, a limited minting, is attached to a black velvet choker using a silver tube bezel, skillfully applied to do the least amount of damage to this highly collectible silver coin. Fashioned from 1 ounce of pure 9999 silver, it features a cougar (mountain lion; puma; Puma concolor, or panther, depending on your part of North America. Here in BC, we call them cougars!)

Here's a closeup of the coin:
And here I am in my mock up photo version. Tomorrow, I'll figure out how I will attach the tube bezels to Queenie's ear to get it where I want it on the choker!

As shown* $97.50. To upgrade to a sterling silver chain, please contact me to discuss the length and diameter of rolo chain you'd like!

*Attractive redhead not included. Display model only.

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